Thursday, April 7, 2011

Empress Ming Visits Simone kross in the Music City, April 13th-17th!

I will be BACK in Nashville April 13th-17th sessioning in the lovely new Dungeon Space of Mistress Simone Kross!

Along with this opportunity to serve Me, you may also indulge yourself to a session with both Mistress Simone,  and I, schedules permitting.

Keep current with all the news & travels about Me and all your favorite Dommes on the second best thing to ever come out of the UK (sorry the Sex Pistols will always be number one) at HogSpy &

I will be traveling to NYC and LA soon thereafter.

Mistress Ming

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Raleigh & Charlotte Empress Ming will be in town 3/31-4/4

 Raleigh I will be in your fair city tomorrow through Saturday!  Charlotte Saturday night until Tuesday...

The absolute Best in Asian Domination!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I will be back in Louisville this weekend...lock up your sons and hide your husbands wallets!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fun With Freshly Scented Pantyhose & Sounds!

I was cracking whips and taking names down in the ol' Atlanta Dungeon on St. Patrick's Day. I found Myself deeply involved in one of My favorite type of scenes Verbal Humiliation, Pantyhose/Panty Worship, combined with Urethral Sounding.
I tend to favor Hegar double ended sounds, although I also own Pratt and Rosebud sound sets.
My subject for the afternoon session expressed that his deepest desire was to continue advanced training in Urethral expansion while strapped tightly to My exam-table, face and head securely covered in My Freshly Scented Panties and Pantyhose...
I covered his face with a pair of lace Panties from My last session, a hardcore CBT number that really excited Me. All four inches leaped to rock-hard attention, requiring a mild bit of cock slapping to calm the monster into a semi-flaccid state...which I find to be the most favorable for Sounding.
My subject was progressing quite well, I always start with a small gauge/size and let gravity do it's work! A serious mistake that is often made, is too much, too soon. Sounds should NEVER be forced! The second you feel resistance, or your subject feels pain, the soundee is being pushed too rapidly. It's time to back off and wait awhile. The long term goal is the Important factor!
I removed the sound from his semi-erect cock , it was the same size we finished with during our last session. I removed My panties (form his face) and exchanged them for the Pantyhose I was wearing. I enjoy employing a neat little trick of Mine, tying My Pantyhose around a devotee's face in a manner where the crotch is directly over the nose and mouth. I wrap the stocking/leg seam parts around the head, the foot seams, fresh out of My Boots are tucked under, with the toe area in the lucky devils mouth.
The larger size Sound was slowly working it's way down in a satisfying, slightly circular pattern. I changed the topic of Verbal Humiliation from My devotee's overall inability to please his pathetic cock size and it's minuscule proportions compared to My Bulls almost ten inch masterpiece! He began to moan deeply, I feared that a volcanic eruption was scant seconds away! I began to withdraw the obstruction as quickly as safety allows. I was able to clear the opening by the narrowest of degrees when the volcano blew!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


My Downtrodden web-slaves have finally gotten My NiteFlirt Account and Fabulous Page up and running!

I shall have to slop them with an extra ration of bread & water, mixed with a healthy dose of discipline!

Empress Ming

Call Me!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Traveling To Nashville March 8th

I will be in The Music City on March 8th for a stop over I will be sessioning ONE DAY ONLY!

 I am ready to hear the Music of slaves screaming!

New Photos...

I am in the process of switching the gallery photos on My main site.   I will have this done in the next few days...  I have been so busy In the Dungeon and on the Road I have not had a chance to write!